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Viro Care is world's first patented, water base, anti-virus, antibacterial deodorizer and sanitizer.

Viro Care is registered with Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. It is developed and tested in top-notch research universities in Japan including : Tottori University Research Center Tama Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan. Japan Food Research Laboratories Foundation.

Kitazato Environmental Science Center, Japan. Tama Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan. There is no such place in the environment where there are no bacteria and viruses causing life-threatening diseases. Whether you are in office, school, hospital, hotel, restaurant, public transport system and even our own house and body are surrounded by bacteria's and viruses.

These viruses can cause diseases like flu, swine flu, bird flu, influenza and other bacterial infections, Viro Care acts as a shield against these infections. It is an odourless and colourless deodorizer and has no side effects if by mistake consumed orally and poses no harm to eyes or skin.

Uses of Viro Care :

  • Use Viro care on hands, armpits, reproductive organs and even on newborn babies to avoid bacterial infections.
  • Eliminates any foul smell within minutes from kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.
  • Doctors should spray Viro Care on their hands and face mask to maintain hygiene standards and for the safety of the patient.
  • Spray Viro Care to get rid of the foul smell caused due to pet's urine.
  • Spray Viro-Care on baby's diaper to keep the odour and bacterial infections away. Use in hospital, OPD, ICU, etc. to keep the place hygienic and fresh.
  • Women should spray it on sanitary napkins to avoid fungal infections. It is suggested to use it on sexual organs to avoid infections in men/women while having intercourse.
  • Spray it on the face mask, eye mask and after taking bath on hands to avoid infections.
  • While travelling on public transport like train or bus, spray it on the seat, blankets or pillows provided in trains to avoid infections. It can also be used on the toilet seat to avoid infections. Spray it on plates and cutlery in restaurants for hygiene purposes. It can be used as after shave lotion to avoid infection.

How to Use :

Spray it until the surface gets wet then apply a gentle rub with until dry.

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