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BOOST IMMUNITY AND GIVE A BOOST TO BODY! Our Immune System does an adorable job of defending our body against disease-causing elements. When our Immune system fails, germs, viruses, etc start invading and making us sick. What we have to do in that condition? The answer is, we have to boost our immunity, we have to improve our immune system. IMPROVE IMMUNE SYSTEM WITH IMC IMMUNE KIT


Immune 20X Tablets, Super Health Capsules, Shri Tulsi, Shri Haldi


After getting up early in the morning, gargle with hot water with a pinch of sendha namak (sendha salt), five drops of Shri Tulsi, and five drops of Shri Haldi. After that squeeze a lemon in a tumbler containing hot water blended with five drops of Shri Tulsi and five drops of Shri Haldi. Take one Immune 20X Tablet and one Super Health Capsule with it. Now it's time to get free from normal morning routines and going for a morning walk.


Every product in this kit is enriched with fibers, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. All of the products are antioxidants, antibacterial, and antivirus. Moreover, these products are having plentiful ORAC Value enhancing the elements of oxygen in the lungs and blood and infusing energy, power, and sound health in the body.

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